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  • Nearly 40 years of combined experience as an insurance underwriter, insurance/risk management consultant, licensed insurance agent-broker, attorney, and litigation consultant/expert witness
  • Author of an over 300-page treatise, Levine on California Workers Compensation and Insurance: A Comprehensive Practical and Legal Guide to Premium Issues, Strategies, and Disputes published by the highly-respected insurance publisher, International Risk Management Institute of Dallas, Tx. Read Excerpts Here
  • Staff counsel representation of the Insurance Commissioner-appointed Public Members of the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California's (WCIRB) Governing Committee (2003-current). (I do not represent the WCIRB)
  • Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University (Claremont Colleges), with multiple academic papers and doctoral dissertation in insurance
  • Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (C.P.C.U.) insurance industry designation
  • Associate in Risk Management (A.R.M.) insurance industry designation
  • Former member, Society of Risk Management Consultants
  • Former member, Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Workers Compensation Law 
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Insurance Law and Regulation
  • Hundreds of workers compensation insurance premium cases handled as an attorney, consultant, or expert witness, including many administrative appeals and litigated cases


More than twenty years ago, I sat in the boardroom of a major national workers comp insurer and told their representatives that their rating plan was illegal. They showed the impertinent young lawyer the door.   Less than a year later, they refunded my client over $1,000,000 in workers compensation insurance premium -- and paid my fees. My client, general litigation counsel for a national conglomerate, told me that the company had seldom had such effective legal representation! This was, in large part, the result of my unusual pre-lawyer experience in workers compensation insurance.

Workers Compensation Underwriter.   My insurance career began (1976) with Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance Company -- a large and conservative "old line" insurer with an excellent, demanding training program. Both my formal "underwriting school" training and subsequent on-the-job training occurred during a severe "hard insurance market," in which my underwriting decisions were closely scrutinized by my supervisors, and theirs by their managers.

Promoted to work in Aetna's home office in Hartford, CT, I received supervisory underwriting authority over field offices. This meant that my insurance underwriting and pricing decisions had to withstand examination by far more exerienced underwriters, brokers, home office supervisors, and others.

I returned to California with Industrial Indemnity Company and then became an underwriting supervisor for Mission Insurance Group. I also passed the national examinations for the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (C.P.C.U.) and Associate in Risk Management (A.R.M.) industry professional designations.

Insurance/Risk Management Consultant and Auditor.   In 1980, I moved from underwriting to consulting with a nationally respected risk management firm. In this role, I traveled the nation, analyzing complex (and often highly politicized) insurance and related programs, and evaluating/critiquing the services of national insurers and insurance brokers.

Attorney. Upon entering Loyola Law School, Los Angeles in 1984, I already had eight years of excellent insurance training along with unusually technical and demanding work experience. I continued to work full-time during the day as a risk management and insurance auditor/consultant, and maintained top-tier grades in law school.

Thus, upon becoming an attorney in 1989, I offered my clients thirteen years of high-level training and practical experience in the field of business insurance, with a particular emphasis in workers compensation underwriting and pricing. It was therefore natural to focus my law practice upon workers compensation insurance underwriting and premium matters.

Author. In 1995, at the urging of a retired workers compensation judge who had read several of my articles about workers compensation premium in the Los Angeles Daily Journal , I undertook a comprehensive, critical examination of California regulations, statutes, cases, and administrative decisions, and of industry practices, pertaining to workers compensation insurance premium. The result was my publication, The Workers' Compensation Premium Book . In 2003, at the suggestion of the International Risk Management Institute, I updated my book and began writing a quarterly workers compensation premium newsletter, both of which were added to IRMI's leading technical insurance publication library.

Staff Counsel to WCIRB Public Members.   In 2003, the California Department of Insurance recommended to the Public Members of the Governing Committee of the state's rating agency, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB), that they retain me as their “staff” (as authorized by the California Insurance Code.) I have served continuously in this capacity ever since. As my clients are the four, Insurance-Commissioner appointed Public Members of the WCIRB’s Governing Committee, and not the WCIRB itself (which retains other counsel), I am able to accept cases in which the WCIRB has an interest or is an adverse party.

Consultant and Expert Witness.   My experience as a litigation consultant and expert witness dates to the early 1980s, when I was employed as an insurance/risk management consultant. I have been deposed more than 75 times, and testified in court many times. This does not include the depositions of percipient and of expert witnesses that I have taken as an attorney.

For further details, please contact me and/or refer to my Curriculum Vitae .

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