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Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Disputes

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If you are legal counsel seeking a consultant or expert witness, I am pleased to assist you.

If you are seeking legal counsel to evaluate and potentially handle your case, I invite you to consider hiring me directly for full representation -- or perhaps to work as co-counsel with your existing lawyer to provide support in technical insurance areas.

If you are an insurance broker, CPA, premium auditor, or other professional , I can provide you and/or your client an objective assessment of your client's situation and options.

Why hire me as your lawyer?

  1. You won't pay me to learn about workers compensation premium issues! Chances are very good that I've seen and successfully handled many cases very similar or virtually identical to yours.
  2. You won't pay to support junior lawyers, office staff, and other expensive overhead. I've been a sole practioner my entire career, and work from a home-office using specialized resources I've accumulated over decades, and subscription databases. You only pay for work that needs to be done -- work fine-tuned to my experience with the key issues.
  3. My instantly recogizable industry credentials (CPCU and ARM designations) provide credibility in settlement negotations.
  4. My industry knowledge provides credibility in court documents and hearings, as I often can "correct" erroneous, incomplete, and/or misleading assertions made by opposing attorneys.  I can and do explain to judges and juries the nuances of the workers compensation premium system and laws.
  5. I have specialized in workers compensation insurance premium disputes for 25 years as an attorney, and previously for 15 years as an insurance company underwriter, agent-broker, and consultant. I know the arguments that both policyholders and insurers make -- and what regulators and courts say about them.

You are welcome to view my California State Bar profile.

In states other than California, I provide legal representation by application to the court or regulatory authority. In such cases, I typically work under the supervision of a locally-licensed attorney.

What people are saying

“I’ve referred my clients’ premium disputes to Art Levine for decades.  One client initially felt it best to use their corporate attorney. After he took the case, he quickly realized that the matter was beyond his expertise, so he referred it to Art.  Art negotiated a favorable settlement, but the client ended up paying double attorney fees.  I highly recommend going to Art first for any type of premium issue. I know of no other attorney who can handle it as well."

-- Melody Henderson, Brakke-Shafnitz Insurance Brokers

Things are settled with [our insurer]. Your assistance was amazing. Thank you.

-- Gale Finnerty, Owner, Finnco Services

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